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why choose staron for your home?

Staron® Solid Surfaces are 100% waterproof, hygienic and durable. Not only that, they have invisible joints which create a uniquely seamless design. All of these practical qualities combine with a range of 30 abstract designs, colours and stone effects to give you simply amazing kitchen, bedroom and bathroom worksurfaces.


Staron is a sophisticated blend of natural minerals and thermosetting acrylic polymers which has been safely developed for use in the home.

Staron is a solid surface. This means the surface colour runs right the way through the thickness of the material, so that cut outs, drainer grooves and edge profiles can be formed seamlessly.

Separate sections of Staron can be brought together with invisible joints, which also remain 100% waterproof. Perfect for the laundry and bathroom.
Staron has won many awards for being an easily cleaned and hygienically safe surface on which to prepare food. Perfect for the kitchen.


Maintaining Staron solid surfaces could not be easier. Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, the stain resistant durability of Staron means that a damp cloth and mild detergent is all that is needed to deal with everyday spills and to keep your surfaces looking great. Because Staron is 100% waterproof, harmful germs cannot be absorbed into the surface. And because it has smooth invisible seams, there are no joint gaps for dangerous bacteria to develop.

Staron surfaces are tough, but in the unlikely event your surfaces become damaged, Staron offers the peace of mind that it can be easily restored to look as good as the day it was first installed.

Contact your Staron specialist or see our care guide for more information on how to look after your solid surfaces.


Simple and classy, Staron sinks and bowls integrate elegantly with your kitchen or bathroom surfaces. Invisible seams create a perfect fit, without the rims or crevices of other surfaces that can promote the growth of bacteria. The naturally flowing appearance is not only beautiful, but also hygienic, completely waterproof and easy to clean.

Cast or thermoformed, the sinks and bowls are non-porous and germ-resistant. Put simply, they are a visually striking and fully functional addition to your home.


Quality, appearance and craftsmanship are what separate Staron solid surfaces, sinks, bowls and splashbacks from other materials. Fresh and innovative, Staron is a practical technology that provides an elegance for every home into which it is installed.

With stunning designs, including new and dramatically veined stone designs, Staron solid surfaces are revolutionising kitchen and bathroom design. Staron is now also helping the environment by removing the need to select natural stone which has been extracted wholesale from the earth.


With their non-porous quality, Staron’s bowls and soild surfaces find a natural home in the bathroom. Impervious to moisture, Staron provides smooth, grout-free surfaces, which can be seamlessly integrated with the range of classically designed bowl designs.

Stylish, yet functional, Staron creates a stunning look that is easy to clean, hygienic and reassuringly safe for you and your family.



Matching upstands and splashbacks are the perfect way to protect your walls and complete a sleek seamless look within your kitchen, laundry or bathroom. They are also a more hygienic and modern alternative to the grouted joints of traditional tiles.


Shown left are a few of the many edge profile options available for your Staron worksurface. You can even come up with your own design.

Staron Kitchen & Bathroom Collection

Staron solid surfaces are 100% waterproof, hygienic and durable. Staron solid surfaces are at home, at the heart of your home, the kitchen. Staron solid surfaces are also equally at home in the bathroom, where its waterproof qualities allow you to be care free. Please download the brochure to discover more of how Staron solid surfaces could work in your home.



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