Staron Commercial Application


Imagine a material that can morph into a myriad of shapes that can form long, stylish sweeps, sexy curves or sharp angles. A product whose applications are limitless, a truly contemporary material for designers who crave a new way to bring life to their concepts.

hotel and leisure

For hotel bedrooms with allure, Staron creates enticing interiors which will make your guests want to return again and again. Choose moody,dark colours for boudoir chic, or lighter shades for minimalist elegance. Whichever Staron you choose, your hotel bedroom will be easy to clean and continue to look good, despite a constant stream of guests and their luggage, thanks to Staron’s excellent impact resistance.

Staron is also an ideal material for creating cutting-edge student villages for the 21st century with contemporary dormitories and stylish communal areas, ideal for socialising, relaxing and studying. Staron surfaces cannot fail to impress tomorrow’s students and will prove to be a smart investment thanks to its practical, hardwearing qualities.


Whether you are designing a fast food counter, chic city delicatessen or up-market eatery, Staron provides a visually striking and hygienically safe surface on which to prepare and serve food.

Heat resistant to 130ºC, Staron is certified NSF-51 food-safe, 100% waterproof and fire retardant to Euro class B on a wide range of designs. For the ultimate in integration, Staron basins are available in a range of sizes and styles to complete the fluid lines. Add some Staron thermoformability as seen in these images and you can create a truly unique, but completely practical and easy to maintain environment.

healthcare and laboratories

Where health and safety requirements are stringent, Staron is ahead of the field. Today’s healthcare practitioners know how important hygiene is to patients, staff and visitors. A non-porous, inert surface which cannot harbour germs, Staron meets the rigorous demands of today’s medical and clinical research professions.

A one-piece Staron worksurface with an integrated sink provides the ultimate hygienic work station, where it is almost impossible for mould and mildew to form.
Today’s laboratory surfaces must be able to withstand moisture, staining, chemicals and impact – more importantly, they must be sterile.

Laboratory stains such as iodine can be easily removed with mild abrasive cleaners and scouring pads. Even harsh chemicals including acids and solvents will not harm Staron, provided they are not left in contact with the surface for any length of time. Integrated sinks within the worksurfaces ensure germs and mould are kept at bay.

façade cladding

Staron’s toughness, UV stability, stain and chemical resistance and temperature tolerance makes it a surface that can be specified with the correct installation fittings for exterior as well as interior applications.


Life can be tough on the high street and creating the right environment for consumers is key to the success of any store. Staron’s colours and thermoformability can give you the tools you need to create exciting, practical shopping environments. Consumer products can be enticingly displayed to great effect within a Staron open cabinet or on a shelf or pedestal, especially when they are combined with clever lighting effects.


Staron has achieved the stringent requirements of the Euro Class B fire classification and is UK airport AISAD blast test compliant. These fantastic performance characteristics allow Staron to be specified with safety into the mass – transit areas of the UK’s transport industry. Not only fire – proof and literally bomb – proof, but also ultra violet and water – proof: Staron is a first class material.

A constant flow of people, grubby finger marks and everyday wear and tear demand a highly durable surface material that is easy to clean.

In airports, railway carriages, ticketing offices, station forecourts and even yacht interiors, Staron surfaces create a welcoming and practical environment for today’s well-travelled public.


Staron is resilient, non-porous and smooth. With no visible joins, mould and bacteria have no chance of survival in a wet area. These qualities make Staron ideal for clean, attractive, germ-free changing rooms, gyms, swimming pools, hotels and spas.

Shower, changing and toilet partitions and cubicles can be formed from Staron, which will thrive in steamy surroundings, repelling water and standing up to wear and tear. Flowing designs can be lovingly realised with integrated basins imparting a continuous surface which is easy to clean and maintain. Choose pure white for minimalist chic, or any of the impressive range of over 80 colours and finishes.


Inspire future generations by using Staron in classrooms, science labs, changing rooms and sports facilities – in fact any educational environment where surface materials that will last for decades are of primary importance.

With plans for more Academies and Free Schools in the pipeline, Staron offers a high quality material which can support fresh new designs suitable for these new ‘super schools’. Vitalise pupils with Staron’s poppy reds and sunflower yellows, or use calming neutrals for quiet places and thinking spaces.

Staron holds both the Greenguard Children and Schools Certification and an Indoor Air Quality Certificate for its low emissions which makes it the ideal material for use in all educational applications.

Beauty, Versatility, Functionality

Beauty, versatility, functionality. Staron solid surfaces are a truly contemporary material whose clean lines are also incredibly practical. Waterproof, hygienic and durable Staron solid surfaces are suitable for a myriad of applications. Please download the brochure to discover a selection of examples of how Staron solid surfaces has been applied to differing projects.



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