Staron Beauty

Solid Surface

Staron’s colourful designs are not just skin deep… they run consistently and throughout its thickness.

This solid colour effect allows Staron to follow the contours of a shape without the need for joints or separately applied edges. Machined areas such as cut outs, edge profiles and engraving will continue to show the surface design.

Because Staron adhesive, sheets, bowls and sinks are all made of the same polymer, the seams are fused together with joints that are inconspicuous. This creates a naturally flowing, one piece appearance that is not only smart, but is also hygienic, completely waterproof and easy to clean.

Upstands and splashbacks

Colour matched Staron upstands or tall splashbacks are the perfect way to protect walls from spills and splashes and completes a sleek seamless look.


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