Staron Functionality

Waterproof and hygienic

Staron is 100% waterproof and because it is not a multi-layered product, it will not delaminate. Staron is chemically inert and is a completely safe surface. It is easy to clean and 100% non-porous, so harmful germs are prevented from being absorbed within the surface. Also, because Staron has smooth inconspicuous seams, there are no unsightly joints for dangerous bacteria to develop. Staron is certified NSF-51 food-safe, which makes it a perfect surface for food preparation.


A damp cloth and mild detergent are all that is needed to deal with everyday spills and to keep Staron surfaces looking good.

Fire retardant

taron achieves Euro class B with manyof its designs and Euro class C with all the rest.This level of fire retardancy is exceptional and has qualified Staron to be used in high traffic transport areas where the fire regulations are obviously some of the most stringent.

Strong and durable

Staron surfaces are so well produced and tough, they have passed the ISO 16933 based bomb blast test and is classed as compliant with the stringent requirements of the UK’s Department for Transport’s AISAD document for the wall panelling systems used in UK airports.


One of Staron’s many fine features is its capacity
to be repaired. In the rare event that  a surface should suffer a serious impact, damaged areas can be can brought back to life to look as good ­­­as new.


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