Staron Versatility

Endless shapes

Thermo-plastic formability means Staron’s applications are limitless: it can be heat formed to fit into narrow spaces or sculpted into dramatic curves and exciting shapes. And of course the shapes and curves are completely seamless! No loss of structure or any other physical properties of Staron are compromised by this thermoforming process and the resultant shapes and curves are completely stable after the process is complete.

Translucency and sublimation

Staron’s unique translucent qualities when backlit can create an eye-catching focal point and help you make the right first impression with a stunning lobby area or reception desk to woo new clients.

How about personalising your Staron by placing an image or logo within the surface? Create truly unique colours and designs through the technique of sublimation – a high temperature printing process whereby special dyes permeate the surface of the Staron. Unlike other surface printing methods, the resulting design is embedded into the Staron surface and therefore retains its colour and can be sanded or polished depending on surface texture requirements. Sublimation is ideal for corporate branding opportunities and to create long lasting, individual patterns for worksurfaces and wall panels.


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