Imagine a material that can morph into a myriad of shapes that can form long, stylish sweeps, sexy curves or sharp angles. A product whose applications are limitless, a truly contemporary material for designers who crave a new way to bring life to kitchens, bathrooms or commercial projects.

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Kitchen & Bathroom Collection

Staron solid surfaces are 100% waterproof, hygienic and durable. Staron solid surfaces are at home, at the heart of your home, the kitchen. Staron solid surfaces are also equally at home in the bathroom, where its waterproof qualities allow you to be care free. Please download the brochure to discover more of how Staron solid surfaces could work in your home.


Beauty, Versatility, Functionality

Beauty, versatility, functionality. Staron solid surfaces are a truly contemporary material whose clean lines are also incredibly practical. Waterproof, hygienic and durable Staron solid surfaces are suitable for a myriad of applications. Please download the brochure to discover a selection of examples of how Staron solid surfaces has been applied to differing projects.


Staron Collection

The Staron collection of decors is an assortment of solid, metallic and natural effect designs selected to complement both modern and contemporary compositions. Ranging from strong, bold colours to delicate patterns you’ll be sure to find the right design within the Staron collection.

Sink and Bowls

Simple and classy, Staron sinks and bowls integrate elegantly with your kitchen or bathroom surfaces. Invisible seams create a perfect fit, without the rims or crevices of other surfaces that can promote the growth of bacteria. The naturally flowing appearance is not only beautiful, but also hygienic, completely waterproof and easy to clean. Cast or thermoformed, the sinks and bowls are non-porous and germ-resistant. Put simply, they are a visually striking and fully functional addition to your home.

Case Studies

We can provide valuable technical assistance and support to designers who are creating imaginative spaces for a variety of projects. Our case studies show just some examples of the projects we have worked on in partnership with architects and interior designers.


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